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0009497ScribusScrapbookpublic2016-05-14 20:33
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Summary0009497: have a way to set the displayed name for the scrapbook
Descriptionif i want to create a project specific scrapbook:
- create a new scrapbook
- put it in the projects own directory named "scrapbook"
- now all my scrapbooks which are project specific are called "scrapbook"
- if i choose the name of the project for the directory, i will have a "project" directory in the project's directory... not really better.

this is needed if i want to distribute the scrapbook together with the .sla and other project files.
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related to 0001617 feedback binding a scrapbook with a file 



2010-11-19 08:19

updater   ~0024852

Last edited: 2010-11-19 08:20

Seems that solution could be to display name of parent directory where scrapbook is located ?
Like "Project_dir_name -> Scrapbook_dir_name" ?


2010-11-19 13:25

updater   ~0024853

Last edited: 2010-11-19 13:29

It rather do not fit your needs, but maybe someone will get my solution for further rewriting and fixing...
Just changing 2 lines in scrapbookpalette.cpp (change from d.dirName to d.absolutePath) makes that in Scrapbook palette will be paths to scrapbooks, not only names. But I dont know how to save these new names - it only works on opening scrapbooks.

Index: Scribus/scribus/scrapbookpalette.cpp
--- Scribus/scribus/scrapbookpalette.cpp (wersja 15812)
+++ Scribus/scribus/scrapbookpalette.cpp (kopia robocza)
@@ -726,9 +726,9 @@
         activeBView->canWrite = fd.isWritable();
         if (activeBView->canWrite)
- Frame3->addItem(activeBView, d.dirName());
+ Frame3->addItem(activeBView, d.absolutePath());
- Frame3->addItem(activeBView, QIcon(loadIcon("16/lock.png")), d.dirName());
+ Frame3->addItem(activeBView, QIcon(loadIcon("16/lock.png")), d.absolutePath());
         activeBView->ScFilename = fileName;
         activeBView->visibleName = d.dirName();


2010-11-20 17:37

manager   ~0024856

mmh... not sure that it would work... there other scrapbook which are not project specific but are my own scrapbooks.
for those ones -- which are stored in a central directory -- i guess that the name of the directory is a good default choice for the name of the scrapook.
personally, i think that there should be a preference file in the scrapbook directory which holds -- among other things? -- the scrapbook name...

but: nice try! :-)

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