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0009588ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-05-02 23:09
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PlatformPCOSWindows OS VersionSeven
Product Version1.3.9 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0009588: Missing error message when pasting on locked background shape

"I have sometimes a problem that I don't understand: when cut a
photo from one document with Ctrl-X, I often cannot paste it on a page in
the other document; either the Paste function doesn't appear when I do a
right-click on the page, or the Edit->Paste or Ctrl-V doesn't seem to work,
and the photo doesn't appear anywhere.
I doesn't happen everytime, but often enough to be quite annoying.

I think I have the answer: I was trying to paste the photo on the
background layer, where there was already a locked background shape that covered the whole page.
I have no problem when I'm on the right layer, where I'm supposed to put
the photos."


Scribus would help people to help themselves if it could provide
some warning message :
"Sorry, you cannot paste on this locked layer ! Unlock it or change layer..."
Tags#easyhack, locked


related to 0002343 assignedcbradney [PATCH] inconsistent handling of locked status with changing text 



2010-12-16 16:47

manager   ~0025144

Personally, I don't wish that Scribus starts shouting at me with alerts the whole time...

But i agree that in this case, Scribus could give a better feedback than just disabling the functiontality.

One way to do it, would be to use (maybe in a even better way) the notification area in the status bar.

Personally, I can even think that Scribus may also have a notification palette on top of it... where you could see some of the past notifications and -- maybe -- even more detailed information.


2010-12-16 22:08

reporter   ~0025147

There is simple way of warning without loading screen - cursor shapes.
But Scribus has poor handling for stacked frames even with one layer.

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