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0009604ScribusUser Interfacepublic2021-06-29 06:52
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Product Version1.3.9 
Fixed in Version1.5.7.svn 
Summary0009604: Missing possibility to configure first line offset default value for the text box
DescriptionIn my documents, I always set up the "first line offset" attribute of the text box as "Font ascent". Unfortunately I cannot set it up as the default value, so I have to change it manually every time I create a text box. It would be nice to have this setting somewhere in the Preferences...

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related to 0015530 new Changing "first line offset" is possible only one "text frame" by one 
related to 0012862 confirmed Text shrunk and line broken with automatic height lines 



2020-06-13 07:25

updater   ~0047693

i bring this long lasting problem back on the radar screen.
the current default ('maximum ascent') can't be changed – and is the most insane choice as a default, as the vertical position of the lines of text depends on the actually used characters in the first line.
imho most users don't care about this setting (but might be surprised when the whole text moves vertically for some points when adding, changing or deleting a single character in the first line…) – but those who care will most likely (almost) never use the fixed default.


2020-10-08 12:46

manager   ~0048140

question: what speaks about putting this setting into the text formatting and the paragraph styles?

i understand that it does not fully fits in there, but -- at the end of the day -- the current stand alone section is not better.

is there any chance that a same style might need a different value depending on the actual frame?
personally, i think that the value would always be the same; and the exceptions would be managed as for any other local formatting.


2020-10-08 16:22

updater   ~0048145

the 'first line offset' as a part of the definitions of the paragraph style would be great!
…but even with this option 'font ascent' should be selected by default. (i can't see a real use case were 'maximum ascent' would be the better choice…)


2020-10-08 16:35

manager   ~0048147

well, i think that by default the first line offset should be related to the line spacing.
if the first paragraph has a fixed line spacing or a baseline alignment, this should also be true for the first line in a frame.
for the automatic line spacing, it should be the "font ascent"

so, i would suggest to add one more entry in the first line offset options: automatic.

and, if possible, move it to the text formatting and allow in this way to be defined in the standard paragraph style (and as long as scribus stays the same, also in the text tool)

the biggest issue i see: how to treat the conversion from old documents.


2020-10-08 17:05

updater   ~0048148

"the biggest issue i see: how to treat the conversion from old documents."

…that may become a problem for other style definitions based on the text frame – at least if this is going to be cleaned some day…
i don't know how many files with different 'first line offsets' in a single paragraph style exist, and that's the real problem. for the rest the conversion could be straight forward.


2020-11-10 00:02

administrator   ~0048362

A combo for the first line offset has been added to the item tools preferences - text section. Older documents will default to maximum ascent, new ones to font ascent.


2020-11-10 03:21

updater   ~0048363



2020-11-10 07:03

developer   ~0048364


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