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0009607ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-05-12 03:29
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Summary0009607: Scribus has a really hard time loading documents exceeding 20 pages with lot's of render frames (lilypond)
DescriptionOn a dualcore, 4 GB ram, files are getting really difficult to load for scribus when they exceed about 20 pages of content. I had to dig into the xml file code and delete a lot of content to get the file opened again in scribus. Having a system like mine, I can understand it gets hard to get audio, video and 3D on optimal speed in extremely high quality, but for pure text and images, it is a very low performance, not being able to create a document of 20 + pages, even without images but with render frames.

In cases like this, a warning should be thrown that the file is getting too big to remain stable.
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2010-12-22 16:19

administrator   ~0025177

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>> even without images but with render frames.

Render frames are images. When loading such doc, scribus has to render images from the source code you put in your render frames.


2010-12-22 17:15

administrator   ~0025178

Render frames are worse than images, as rendering the content of a render frame might take more time than loading an image.


2010-12-22 17:41

reporter   ~0025179

Images or no images, (ultimately even fonts are images -an image of a character-, and svg has to be rendered as well, this is not the issue) when working on a document, closing it and open it again to discover that the file has become too big for scribus to open, is not only very frustrating, it is unacceptable. If it takes some time, ok, people can live with that, and split the file in smaller parts when they notice it gets slow, but that it does not open any more is a little too much. Hours of work are lost this way.

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