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0000097ScribusGeneralpublic2008-02-08 16:48
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Summary0000097: Allow access to DatSav File Save Icon through public member or better way
DescriptionSubik/Petr would like to be able to mark the document modified and enable the file save icon from within a plugin. Currently he can setModified on the document but cannot enable DatSav as its private. We need a public member or slot to perform both actions, ie mark the document (un)modified and enable/disable the file save icon, if there isnt one already.
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2003-12-30 15:14

administrator   ~0000100

You can use the Function slotDocCh(bool) for this purpose.
assuming the Variable Carrier contains a pointer to the ScribusApp Class
you can write Carrier->slotDocCh(false)


2003-12-30 16:10

administrator   ~0000101

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