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Summary0009790: Include check of cropped images in pre-flight check
DescriptionI think it would be a good idea to include in the pre-flight check a warning if less than a chosen percentage of an image is shown?

Default setting could be maybe 90%? So if less than 90% of an image is visible in an image frame you will get a warning.

That way users can decide whether they want to crop unused parts of an image to keep exported PDF smaller.

(Tools and different ways to handle that cropping is another issue)
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related to 0009799 assignedjghali [PATCH] autocroping images during PDF export 



2011-03-02 10:21

developer   ~0025705

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It is interesting idea.
For me 75% is good limit for that warning.
I have check that Scribus export whole image into PDF, so cropping image before PDF creation has sense.
In addition there should be inside Scribus simply command/tool for automatically cropping image to frame and for resample image into wanted resolution.


2011-03-02 10:52

developer   ~0025706

In fact images should be cropped internally and fully automatically during PDF export.
In the Preferences and/or in Export dialogue should be option for that, like now is option for resampling of images.


2011-06-13 13:33

developer   ~0026384

If this means that only the embedded images in the PDF get cropped, I fully agree with this. I think it would be part of a sane workflow and would help produce lighter PDF yet fully usable for high-end output.

The original images don't get cropped.
There is no need for a warning about the percentage of the image.
It's totally transparent to the user, no hard choice to make although they should be given the choice!

All good!


2011-06-14 06:29

developer   ~0026392

"The original images don't get cropped.
There is no need for a warning about the percentage of the image."

But for generating lighter PDFs, specially if size does matter, such warning for original images would be also usable as you will know where your output could be optimized.

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