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0009824ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-11-01 10:22
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PlatformUbuntu 10.10 MaverickOSUbuntuOS Version10.10 Maverick
Product Version1.4.0svn 
Summary0009824: Incorrect scroll[bar] dimensions; possibly due to improper canvas dimension calculations
DescriptionI think this has something to do with improper canvas width calculation; sometimes it happens that the scrollbar is scrolled all the way to the end, but portion of the document is still invisible. In other words, the scrollbar doesn't allow scrolling far enough.

See attached screenshot for an example.

So far, I only experienced this problem with horizontal scrollbar. Changing zoom level fixes the problem.
Steps To ReproduceThis doesn't occur all the time, so I don't have exact steps to reproduce this (yet). I experience this bug about 3-4 times a day, so with hope, I'll find the steps soon.

I remember one time this happening when I pressed CTRL+S (Save document). The scrollbar's width just changed right there. The other times this happens, I usually notice my hand on the scrollweel (zoom in/out).

I'll add here as I observe more of this bug's behavior.


duplicate of 0009022 confirmed Scrollbar jumps to a strange position 
has duplicate 0011190 closedjghali Screen re-centers by itself 
has duplicate 0013185 closedjghali Better horizontal scrolling of a Scribus window 
related to 0009892 closedcbradney impossible to access to pages after 9 



2011-03-08 20:57


scrollbar-bug.png (410,508 bytes)   
scrollbar-bug.png (410,508 bytes)   


2015-12-07 16:45

updater   ~0037851

Can someone reproduce this?


2016-11-01 10:22

manager   ~0042268

i think i've experienced similar effects.

zooming in and out gave back something usable.

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