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0009871ScribusStylespublic2011-03-23 17:50
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Summary0009871: Add line before and after paragraphs in paragraph style
DescriptionAdd line before and after paragraphs in paragraph style.
Distance between lines and the text must be customized, the color and length of the lines as well.

This is very different adding line with line tools because, such lines will follow text changes so that if we need to add or delete some text, we won't need to review all the line position.
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2011-03-23 15:47

administrator   ~0025909

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Is this not the same as 0001124 and potentially others, including at least one of your own?


2011-03-23 17:50

developer   ~0025910

yes, it is related. But i we were more thinking of ID or QXP. Anyway, i used this african publisher request to demo the bug tracker during LGM class. I hope they will use it later. I guess it can be closed.

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