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0001124ScribusStylespublic2010-04-20 11:29
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Summary0001124: Include line-style within paragraph-style, anchor lines in text
DescriptionThe paragraph borders implementation of is really good (Format->Paragraph>Borders). Any lines part of the paragraph style are dynamically changed in size as the text paragraph changes, and move with the paragraph if the layout is adjusted.

Another nice addition would be a horizontal line within the text, like the HTML <HR> tag.
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has duplicate 0003823 acknowledged New feature: Underline Paragraph, or more generally, paragraphs borders 
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2004-09-26 00:08


OOo_paragraph_borders.png (36,633 bytes)
OOo_paragraph_borders.png (36,633 bytes)

2004-09-26 00:09


Paragraph_line.png (4,951 bytes)
Paragraph_line.png (4,951 bytes)


2004-09-26 00:09

reporter   ~0002529

Added example screenshots.


2004-09-26 00:15

reporter   ~0002530

This type of paragraph formatting is also very useful when including code snipplets in a document (think instruction manuals).


2005-07-14 02:25

reporter   ~0005579

This would be very useful in my view.


2006-05-06 16:38

developer   ~0011008

Cannot agree more! It is a must in my view.


2009-02-25 16:04

reporter   ~0021225

Last edited: 2009-02-25 16:04

vote from me as well


2009-03-05 04:55

reporter   ~0021242

This kind of thing is very good and useful to have. A number of DTP apps have the ability to put rules or lines above and/or below paragraphs. And then be able to include them in styles is a must.


2010-04-20 11:29

reporter   ~0023735

In some application (in Quark too afair) lines doesn't appear above paragraph if it's first one and under paragraph if it's last one. Scribus shouldn't reproduce such mistakes.

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