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0003823ScribusStylespublic2022-06-15 09:39
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Product Version1.3.3.1 
Summary0003823: New feature: Underline Paragraph, or more generally, paragraphs borders
DescriptionI would like to be able to treat a paragraph in a text frame as a box object and be able to underline it, from column start to column end.
So if the paragraph spanned two lines, only the second line would be underlined (column width).

Generalizing this, maybe one should be able to treat a paragraph as a box and have it have a background color, and borders...
Steps To ReproduceUnderlining a paragraph right now, underlines *all* lines in the paragraph, and only from start of the letters to end of letters, not the whole column width.
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duplicate of 0001124 acknowledged Include line-style within paragraph-style, anchor lines in text 
related to 0002485 closedale Preferences/Tools/Text frame needs ability to set background color 
related to 0003544 feedback per style border options 



2006-05-15 19:37

administrator   ~0011315

Can you provide a real world example and a screenshot perhaps?

2006-05-15 20:25


Underlined.png (34,815 bytes)   
Underlined.png (34,815 bytes)   


2006-05-15 20:27

reporter   ~0011316

I uploaded a small pic showing an underline from start of the column to end of the column.
If the underlined paragraph spanned two lines (no LF-CR), the underline would still be the same, only one line below the paragraph.


2006-05-15 21:06

administrator   ~0011319

If this were part of a frame style, i.e. only the bottom line is shown, while top, left, and bottom are invisible, would that solve your problem?


2006-05-16 07:40

reporter   ~0011323

I think this should be applied on a paragraph basis, not to the whole text frame.
If you mean that this could be configured as a style, yes, as long as it can be applied on a paragraph basis.


2006-05-16 18:24

administrator   ~0011333

How often will this feature be needed? Can the efforts of implementing it be justified, given that you can draw such a line by hand and place it precisely as you like?


2006-05-17 02:22

developer   ~0011341

Think we can group this. Long time RFE. Partly exists in Quark as a paragraph style option (more options in the related RFE). Very useful. A must have, imo.


2011-11-10 03:15

reporter   ~0027176

This feature is one of the most commonly used, let's say, for pages with small adds in newspapers, like this: [^]

or obituaries, or anything that goes in mass-sequence, and requires some graphical formatting.
The lack of this feature is the ONLY reason I don't use Scribus all the time.
I tried to workaround it with replacing enter signs with lines, but then again, you can't replace enter sign either (tried doing it with ascii code, but failed).


2011-11-10 07:02

manager   ~0027177

hi nindza

a/ small adds are a money making thing
b/ obituaries (sadly) the same
c/ why can't people so commonly needing this feature to earn their money get together and (pay for) implement(ing) this feature?

at least two workarounds to easily solve this issue come to mind and you're welcome get in touch with me for consulting...


2012-01-08 16:21

reporter   ~0027487

hi ale
My company (local weekly newspapers) already posses Adobe and Quark software suits.
I just tried to test Scribus in a "real world" conditions, with deadlines and last-minute changes. I always prefer lightweight solutions over huge software suits with loads of unnecessary features. For example, I never started Illustrator, even once, because Inkscape does much of the work with the vector graphics great.
And yes - nothing that I do will change my income.


2022-06-15 09:39

reporter   ~0049701

I could also need this feature for a menu listing for our local fair. I mean, sure, I could simply use LibreOffice, Word, OnlyOffice etc for it and have all my paragraph styling freedom since all of them support this, but being used to InDesign for 15 years now (from my previous day to day job), I prefer using a DTP tool for anything I design in my spare time. Which is why I gave Scribus a try and found that it's lacking this IMHO useful feature if you are working with a lot of text and repetitive formatting. Having paragraph "block" styling options could also be used for different background colors in alternating paragraphs for cases where you don't need/want a table.

On a sidenote: If you try to underline a paragraph in Scribus as of today, and have text with different font sizes or a shifted base line (to mimic a superscript placing but with a custom inline style applied for a nicer look) in the same line, the paragraph "underline" will have a gap where you changed anything in the character styles, because the underline is applied to characters and not the paragraph block. Also, the stroke width will change, since it's relative to the font size. And lastly you can not offset the underline far enough in the smaller font to match the position of the paragraph line because the offset is capped a 100%. All these annoyances could be overcome by block based paragraph styling options (although inline underlining could also need some improvements for more creative freedom, like a different color for the line, absolute offsets and not relative to font width, same for stroke width and even style).

That said, thanks for all the work and effort you already put into Scribus, much appreciated to have a good OpenSource alternative to commercial products

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