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0003544ScribusShape Drawingpublic2011-11-10 03:14
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0003544: per style border options
DescriptionI would like to be able to set a border, and change top/bottom/left/right border settings, in the styles.
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related to 0003543 new seperate top/right/bottom/left border options 
related to 0003823 acknowledged New feature: Underline Paragraph, or more generally, paragraphs borders 
related to 0004400 closedale fine tuning tables 



2006-04-20 16:50

developer   ~0010188

Last edited: 2006-04-20 19:29

yogarine: not sure what do you mean. Could you explain a little more? Border of what?

Ok, I know now, you mean borders of images/figures/text boxes, as described in 3543, right?


2006-04-20 19:26

reporter   ~0010193

Well, I would like to be able to set a border for a paragraph.

Kinda like this in HTML/CSS:
<p style="border: 1px solid #000000">

Right now Scribus only allows you to set a border for the text frames / boxes / images / etc, but not for the paragraphs inside the text frames. So often I need to create a new text frame just to have a border around a piece of text.

Also, I would like to be able to set top/right/bottom/left borders seperatly.
(As in 'border width: 1pt 0 0 1pt')


2006-05-04 22:20

administrator   ~0010940

Part two sounds reasonable if applied to frames (should belong to frame styles/line or shape settings in the PP).

As for no. one: If you need a border around a paragraph, that usually means it's a separate text. This should be done with a frame to keep your layout clean and flexible. Unless I have a real word example, I'd say: ugly.


2006-05-04 23:47

reporter   ~0010944

What if you wanted borders on all paragraphs with the style? That might not justify new frames for each.

Don't know if that's actually what he wants, of course.


2006-05-04 23:58

administrator   ~0010945

Well, I'd like to see a real world example, where this is required as I can't think of a continuous text designed that way.


2006-05-05 04:02

developer   ~0010950

I think it would be useful and could probably be a good companion to the background color of paragraph. It could happen you want a paragraph to stand out, using color and/or borders (which can also be in color, or a tint) with rounded corners or not...

Being able to set the width of the border independantly on all sides is great imo. But we'd have to concentrate on just how the corners are joined together if they are rounded... and the thikness of horizontal lines is not the same as the thickness of the vertical lines.


2006-05-05 12:24

reporter   ~0010969

I often seperate the credits of an article using a horizontal line or something like that.

Since the credits allready are using a diferent paragraph style (aligned right, italic) in CorelDraw / Indesign I usually just add a border underneath the paragraph.

Since the credits usually are just 2 lines of text, I don't think it's worth placing in a new frame, that would just give me more work.

In Scribus I need to draw lines by hand under all the credits to get the same result, even *if* I would create a new frame for them since the borders can't be configured separatly.

Another usage case might be where someone wants to seperate the questions and anwsers in an interview by using a border on the left side with the anwsers...

There are plenty of usage cases that justify implementing this.

Also, CorelDraw and Indesign have this feature, even in normal HTML/CSS it's trivial to do this... So why shouldn't scribus have it?

As for the feature to configure seperate top/left/right/bottom border width/style/etc (also with frames, etc), I filed that seperatly. See bug 0003543


2010-04-20 11:09


CSS-like.jpg (350,088 bytes)   
CSS-like.jpg (350,088 bytes)   


2010-04-20 11:19

reporter   ~0023734

I think I get the point and I like it.

See picture

To create something like this we have to create one background frame and three text frame, we need to link them, we need to align them everytime... If we need to resize block we'll get annoying text flowing from frame to frame. Three paragraph styles are needed too.

With suggested feature one frame and three paragraph styles are enough. Profit!


2011-11-10 03:14

reporter   ~0027175

This feature is one of the most commonly used, let's say, for pages with small adds in newspapers, like this:

or obituaries, or anything that goes in mass-sequence, and requires some graphical formatting.
The lack of this feature is the ONLY reason I don't use Scribus all the time.
I tried to workaround it with replacing enter signs with lines, but then again, you can't replace enter sign either (tried doing it with ascii code, but failed).

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