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0004400ScribusUsabilitypublic2012-06-18 20:00
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Summary0004400: fine tuning tables
Descriptionit is my understanding that when scribus was born the author compared it to pagemaker 6.5. i used pagemaker until i was introduced to quark xpress. from quark's features in-design was created as adobe's answer in the dtp industry.

sorry for the ramble.

anyway, back to the tables issue. pagemaker 6.52 and open office have a feature that allows you to turn on and off the various sides of a table. for instance, you can turn off the top and both sides of the table giving you a line.

in the form that i created in scribus, i had to use the line tool and then adjusted the line until it was straight. it would have been much easier to have turned off the top and sides of a table.

i have been told on the user list that tables is an issue the developers are going to address. i like the way the tables are formed and how, when grouped can be manipulated (larger or smaller) maintaining the aspect ratio of the table. i think that the added control of turning on and off individual sides would be a plus.

what do you think?

dwain alford
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2006-10-11 21:17

administrator   ~0012921

Tables in Scribus are at best, experimental, and will be totally rewritten.


2008-02-06 16:35

administrator   ~0018879

There have been some enhancements in recent 1.3.3.x versions. They might ease your tasks.


2012-06-18 20:00

manager   ~0028200

"old tables" bugs won't get fixed anymore.

works correctly with the new tables in 1.5svn

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