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0009882ScribusGeneralpublic2012-07-25 20:28
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Product Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0009882: Multiple duplication of tabulators
DescriptionA user asks for a new feature: multiple duplication of tabulators. His use case is that he often has to manually create adjacent tabulators with same gap, say, 20mm. So he want to juct create one with a given offset, then say how many more tabs like that he wants and click a "duplicate" button.
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related to 0010946 assignedjainbasil Make sure that tabulators can be managed through scripting 



2011-03-27 07:46

manager   ~0025938

i wonder if he should not be using tables...

it's just that in my experience, when tabs get complex, must of the time the best solution is to avoid using tabs...

even if i think that such a "duplicate" button would be cool to have, i'm not sure it would really help people sorting the issues they have with their workflow.


2012-07-25 09:44

manager   ~0028605

isn't this is a case for a script?


2012-07-25 18:20

developer   ~0028629

the question is "how many people will automate like this". I'm not sure there will be lots of people. Generally people have 2 or 3 tabs and they don't need to be the same distance (i guess).
so yes might be a case for a script

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