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0009916ScribusShape Drawingpublic2011-04-16 14:00
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Summary0009916: Jumping through different objects with TAB is not possible
DescriptionIn scribus,we cannot jump from one object to other object. This creates a significant problem when a object(Ex:circle) covers/on-top of some other object(Ex:arrow).In this case, as jumping is not possible we cannot select the arrow object. To select the arrow object we need to move the circle object first.

This problem can be solved if jumping through different objects using TAB is made possible.

The attached file shows the problem.
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2011-04-09 18:37


Document-1.sla (11,759 bytes)


2011-04-10 21:32

administrator   ~0026058

Control click will let you select through the levels


2011-04-11 16:38

reporter   ~0026065

But still we cannot jump from one object to other. Can we?

Also, the keyboard shortcuts for this and selecting multiple objects is not mentioned in prefrence window.


2011-04-11 18:03

administrator   ~0026067

You can click on the one you want.. and no, this is not represented in keyboard shortcuts, it is just a click modifier.


2011-04-14 19:30

updater   ~0026088

I think selecting objects chain on page by Tab key is common behavior in graphics and layout apps... or should be.


2011-04-15 17:01

reporter   ~0026094

I think it is important to have TAB selection as it makes easy for user to jump through objects


2011-04-16 08:59

administrator   ~0026099

Last edited: 2011-04-16 09:00

Someone would have to work out a way to number page items too. Scribus numbers items from 0 upwards across the whole document, not per page. The next item could be 100 pages away, or the next item on the same page could be 100 item numbers in the list away


2011-04-16 14:00

manager   ~0026103

in gimp, tab hides all the palettes...

i wonder if this behaviour would also be interesting for scribus...

personally, i think it won't be trivial to find a predictable behaviour for moving around the frames with the key tab... at least for non trivial documents.

i would also love to be able to navigate with the keyboard through the frames... but i'm not sure it will be easy to find a solution.

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