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0009955ScribusScripterpublic2016-11-25 02:19
Reporterale Assigned Toale  
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Product Version1.4.0svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0009955: [patch] Scripter: after changeColor() the color list in the document is not updated
Description(and export to image is wrong)

patch attached.
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2011-04-22 07:18

manager   ~0026129

i've tried to update the list of colors in the style manager, too... but with no success...


is failing with error:

In function ‘PyObject* scribus_setcolor(PyObject*, PyObject*)’:
/home/ale/docs/src/scribus14/scribus/plugins/scriptplugin/cmdcolor.cpp:105:49: error: request for member ‘exec’ in ‘ScCore->ScribusCore::primaryMainWindow()->ScribusMainWindow::styleMgr()’, which is of non-class type ‘StyleManager*’


2011-04-22 07:22


patch (535 bytes)
Index: plugins/scriptplugin/cmdcolor.cpp
--- plugins/scriptplugin/cmdcolor.cpp	(revision 16593)
+++ plugins/scriptplugin/cmdcolor.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -96,6 +96,9 @@
 			return NULL;
 		ScCore->primaryMainWindow()->doc->PageColors[col].setColor(c, m, y, k);
+		ScCore->primaryMainWindow()->doc->recalculateColors();
+		ScCore->primaryMainWindow()->doc->recalcPicturesRes();
+        // ScCore->primaryMainWindow()->styleMgr()->updateColorList();
patch (535 bytes)


2011-04-23 18:34

administrator   ~0026142

ScCore->primaryMainWindow()->styleMgr() would work a lot better


2016-05-16 21:58

manager   ~0041143

ale, please advise ?


2016-11-24 21:31

manager   ~0042528

@gpittman can you give this any love?


2016-11-25 01:41

developer   ~0042535

Last edited: 2016-11-25 01:44

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What I see as I look into this is that, first of all, changeColor() is deprecated. You should use either changeColorRGB() or changeColor CMYK().
Now, trying out changeColorRGB(), what I see is that the color is changed in the color list, but the objects using the color stay with the old hue. (also tried with changeColorCMYK(), and same thing happens.)
A workaround is to select the items, change their color to something else, then back to the original color name. Admittedly still a bug, but a particular kind of bug.
Something else that works that may be more useful is that if you click the 'Toggle Color Management System' on the toolbar, this also will result in the color switch. This may be more useful, suggesting a place to send a signal to.
Here is another workaround that is of interest. Say you changeColorRGB() for 'Green'. If you follow the command with replaceColor('Green','Green'), this acts like the 'Toggle Color Management System', so may be another place to look for a particular signal.


2016-11-25 02:11

developer   ~0042536

Somewhere in actionmanager.cpp are these lines:

actionmanager.cpp: disconnect( (*scrActions)["viewToggleCMS"], 0, 0, 0);
actionmanager.cpp: connect( (*scrActions)["viewToggleCMS"], SIGNAL(toggled(bool)), currView, SLOT(toggleCMS(bool)));

actionmanager.cpp: (*scrActions)["viewToggleCMS"]->setTexts( tr("Toggle Color Management System"));

actionmanager.cpp: (*scrActions)["viewToggleCMS"]->setStatusTextAndShortcut( tr("Toggle color management system"));


2016-11-25 02:19

developer   ~0042537

and further, regarding replaceColor():

actionmanager.cpp: name="editReplaceColors";
actionmanager.cpp: connect( (*scrActions)["editReplaceColors"], SIGNAL(triggered()), mainWindow, SLOT(slotReplaceColors()) );
actionmanager.cpp: (*scrActions)["editReplaceColors"]->setTexts( tr("Replace Colors..."));
actionmanager.cpp: << "editReplaceColors"
appmodehelper.cpp: (*a_scrActions)["editReplaceColors"]->setEnabled(true);
appmodehelper.cpp: (*a_scrActions)["editReplaceColors"]->setEnabled(false);
appmodehelper.cpp: (*a_scrActions)["editReplaceColors"]->setEnabled(false);
scribus.cpp: scrMenuMgr->addMenuItemString("editReplaceColors", "Edit");
scribus.cpp:void ScribusMainWindow::slotReplaceColors()
scribus.h: void slotReplaceColors();

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