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0002098ScribusGeneralpublic05-Jun-15 16:0714-Jul-09 17:47
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PlatformanzOSanyOS Versionany
Product Version1.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002098: Metabug: New File Format
DescriptionThis bug report should be a connector for all other bug reports that concern new file format. Please make your report "related" to this one if you think it is relevant.
Additional InformationSee the whole list of metabugs: [^]
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- Relationships
duplicate of 0000111assigned Scribus Document File format 
related to 0002395closedfschmid Portability: Casting between pointer and int 
parent of 0004050closedavox  isn't a valid xml character and should not be used in the SLA format 
parent of 0004508closedavox Unnecessary text-formatting information in file-format 
related to 0001155acknowledged Support non-breakable text blocks 
related to 0001099closedfschmid Inline graphics 
related to 0002039acknowledged column span 
related to 0002036closedfschmid request for a frame break 
related to 0000162acknowledged unequal columns in a textframe 
related to 0001132acknowledged Styles should be separate from documents 
related to 0004170assignedsubik Custom guides colors 

-  Notes
ringerc (administrator)
05-Jun-15 16:09

Gotchas that come to mind now:
   - Items may not be on just one page (partly on scratch / overlapping 2 pages, etc)
   - Facing pages may evolve into split pages (think centre page of a newspaper) where an item can overlap both pages
   - frame-in-textframe support
   - Need for "smarter" text formatting later, eg bullet lists etc
ringerc (administrator)
05-Aug-09 19:14

0002395 is related due to issues with inline graphics nesting that need considering.

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Date Modified Username Field Change
05-Jun-15 16:07 malex New Issue
05-Jun-15 16:09 malex Relationship added related to 0001155
05-Jun-15 16:09 ringerc Note Added: 0005046
05-Jun-15 16:11 ringerc Relationship added related to 0001099
05-Jun-15 16:11 ringerc Relationship added related to 0002039
05-Jun-15 16:11 ringerc Relationship added related to 0002036
05-Jun-15 16:12 ringerc Relationship added related to 0000162
05-Jul-14 02:31 ringerc Relationship added related to 0001132
05-Aug-09 19:13 ringerc Summary New File Format Meta Bug Report => Metabug: New File Format
05-Aug-09 19:13 ringerc Relationship added related to 0002395
05-Aug-09 19:14 ringerc Note Added: 0005994
05-Sep-23 16:53 cbradney Relationship added related to 0002599
05-Oct-21 22:57 mhanski Relationship added duplicate of 0000111
06-Jul-03 00:17 mhanski Additional Information Updated
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06-Nov-09 19:58 avox Relationship added parent of 0004508
06-Nov-10 00:39 mhanski OS Linux => any
06-Nov-10 00:39 mhanski OS Version 2.6 => any
06-Nov-10 00:39 mhanski Platform i386 => anz
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14-Jul-09 17:47 Kunda Status assigned => acknowledged

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