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0000321ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic04-Mar-04 22:1714-Apr-07 21:45
Assigned Tofschmid 
Platformsuse 9.0OSOS Version
Product Version1.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0000321: vertical aligning
DescriptionI could need options for vertical aligning in the text-frames.
by using the sampel-pages i would like to define vertical otientation of the text what i like to edit on the document
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- Relationships
has duplicate 0000432closedcbradney option to automatically vertically align text to top, center, bottom of text frame 
has duplicate 0002558closedcbradney vertical justification in text frames 
has duplicate 0003149closedcbradney Should offer vertical alignment options. 
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-  Notes
plinnell (administrator)
05-Apr-16 15:28

bumping to 1.3 so its not forgotten
cbradney (administrator)
05-Nov-28 11:21

Another request for this today in IRC.
rdebel (reporter)
07-Jun-28 11:20
edited on: 07-Jun-28 12:31

This feature would be very helpful in automated layout (via Script). So you should be able to set the vertical alignment of the text alsoo via scripter.

louisdesjardins (developer)
07-Jul-02 07:19

Seems to me that 0002558 is not exactly a duplicate of the current RFE. Look at the options the reporter asks for. Aligning vertically is not the same as equally distributing paragraph lines. The first one is moving the paragraph inside the frame and the second one is justifying vertically that paragraph.

Just a thought for not forgetting these options which seems to be as interesting.
vix (reporter)
10-May-03 20:58

news for this request? I think that would be extremely useful
ale (manager)
10-May-04 13:04

there is a script in the wiki which can be used as a temporary workaround...
louisdesjardins (developer)
10-Jun-06 13:46

From the user perspective, if something can be done, then I guess that there is no problem. My point is if there is a script that does that in the wiki, can we consider to put it in the Scribus package so everybody can access it? Are those script solid enough to achieve the work repeatedly without issues, just like a regular fetaure would?
JLuc (updater)
14-Apr-07 17:50

seems to be done now in 1.5,
should be closed

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14-Apr-07 21:45 cbradney Resolution open => fixed
14-Apr-07 21:45 cbradney Fixed in Version => 1.5.0svn

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