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0007661ScribusShape Drawingpublic08-Dec-15 00:5814-Jun-25 00:16
Assigned Tofschmid 
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Target Version1.5.0Fixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0007661: Bezier bounding box miscalculation
DescriptionIt seems like bezier handles are also included as points to bounding box calculations. This of course is more resource friendlyb but gives unexpected results. I think inkscape has functions for this in its lib2geom library.

One simple example is attached, import it into scribus to see the bounding box too large from right side.
Attached Files? file icon bezier bounding box miscalculation.svg [^] (2,364 bytes) 08-Dec-15 00:58
? file icon bezier bounding box miscalculation bug.svg [^] (2,364 bytes) 13-Aug-24 07:18

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has duplicate 0012153closedjghali scribus defines incorrect bounding boxes for vector objects. 

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jghali (administrator)
08-Dec-15 01:20

The values are calculated directly from the "width", "height", and "viewbox" attributes of top svg element. Can't do much if those are too large.
mahfiaz (reporter)
08-Dec-15 01:38

No, this is not the case. The SVG is converted to native objects on importing. I also could draw bezier curves directly in scribus which present the same behavior: bounding box being calculated by nodes not by path itself.
jghali (administrator)
08-Dec-15 01:52

I think i know better than you here as the current svg importer has been coded by me. The svg contains a path which explain why you see the bounding box as it is. Please provide a valid sample then.
mahfiaz (reporter)
08-Dec-15 02:11
edited on: 13-Aug-24 07:18

See the attached sla file.
This one curve is drawn using the "Bezier curve" tool in scribus. I also am not saying it is definitely bug, but this is unexpected behaviour, as most other programs handle this the other way.

Sorry for being intrusive, my apologies, it wasn't meant to be so.

jghali (administrator)
09-Jan-10 23:40

Targetting 1.3.6 for now, will fix in 1.3.5 if possible
jghali (administrator)
09-Jan-10 23:47
edited on: 09-Jan-10 23:50

No, won't fix in 1.3.5, that would cause major change in text layout of existing documents

mahfiaz (reporter)
13-Aug-24 07:19

I uploaded the example .sla file here, so it won't get lost anymore.
FirasH (developer)
14-Jun-01 17:20

Isn't it fixed in 1.5?
jghali (administrator)
14-Jun-25 00:15

Works indeed in 1.5.0svn. Resolving/closing consequently.

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14-Jun-25 00:16 jghali Status resolved => closed

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