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0009591ScribusUndo/Redopublic10-Dec-17 14:3514-Jul-10 00:03
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PlatformlinuxOSubutnuOS Version10.04
Product Version1.4.0svn 
Target Version1.6 milestoneFixed in Version 
Summary0009591: Imported vector with "Undo" lead to all pages blank
DescriptionImported vector graphics with minimal editings and with "Undo" keybinding ( ctrl+z) several time will lead to all pages blank( all contents cloaked but still existing).
Steps To ReproduceImport vector;

Ungroup vector;

Edit or not;

Undo (ps: undo cannot remove the vector)
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has duplicate 0009746closedjghali Undo after a viewport glitch(?) blanks the canvas 
child of 0012500acknowledged Metabug: Undo/Redo (1.5.0.svn) 

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ale (manager)
10-Dec-19 18:21

i can confirm this...

the strange thing is, that if you redo everything is reset to the point after the vector has been imported

if you undo to the end, there is still an "invisible" item which can be selected (ctrl-a) this item is defined as:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><SCRIBUSFRAGMENT ><font name="Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Bold" /><colors ><color CMYK="#000000ff" Register="no" Spot="no" name="Black" /></colors><style Alignment="0" DropCapLines="2" DropCapOffset="0" FirstIndent="0" GapAfter="0" GapBefore="0" HasDropCap="no" LeftMargin="0" LineSpacing="15" LineSpacingMode="0" RightMargin="0" id="styleDefault_0020Paragraph_0020Style" name="Default Paragraph Style" /><charstyle BaselineOffset="0" Features="inherit " FillColor="Black" FillShade="100" Font="Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Bold" FontSize="120" Language="Afrikaans" OutlineWidth="10" ScaleH="1000" ScaleV="1000" ShadowXOffset="50" ShadowYOffset="-50" StrikethruOffset="-1" StrikethruWidth="-1" StrokeColor="Black" StrokeShade="100" Tracking="0" UnderlineOffset="-1" UnderlineWidth="-1" id="charstyleDefault_0020Character_0020Style" name="Default Character Style" /><item bottom-distance="0" cms-intent="1" cms-profile="" corner-radius="0" do-overprint="no" fill-blendmode="0" fill-color="None" fill-evenodd="yes" fill-gradient-type="0" fill-shade="100" fill-transparency="0" first-line-offset="0" frame-contour="M0 0 C0 0 210.917 0 210.917 0 C210.917 0 210.917 53.2798 210.917 53.2798 C210.917 53.2798 0 53.2798 0 53.2798 C0 53.2798 0 0 0 0 " frame-has-default-shape="yes" frame-shape="M0 0 C0 0 210.917 0 210.917 0 C210.917 0 210.917 53.2798 210.917 53.2798 C210.917 53.2798 0 53.2798 0 53.2798 C0 53.2798 0 0 0 0 " frame-type="0" groups="14 " groupsLastItem="obj701" height="53.279755" id="obj707" image-embedded-profile="" image-flipped-hor="no" image-flipped-vert="no" image-scale-framesize="no" image-scale-proportional="yes" image-shown="yes" image-use-embedded="yes" image-x-position="0" image-x-scale="1" image-y-position="0" image-y-scale="1" is-annotation="no" is-bookmark="no" isGroupControl="yes" isTableItem="no" itemtype="6" layer="0" left-distance="0" level="4" line-blendmode="0" line-cap="0" line-color="Black" line-customstyle="" line-end-arrow="0" line-join="0" line-shade="100" line-start-arrow="0" line-style="1" line-transparency="0" line-width="0" locked="no" name="Group14" ownpage="0" pagenumber="0" pathtext-baseoffset="0" pathtext-flipped="no" pathtext-showpath="no" pathtext-type="0" printable="yes" right-distance="0" rotation="0" size-locked="no" text-autoframes="no" text-columngap="0" text-columns="1" text-flow-mode="0" text-reversed="no" top-distance="0" width="210.917375" xorigin="147.5" yorigin="213.25" /></SCRIBUSFRAGMENT>
plinnell (administrator)
11-Jan-11 21:18

We cannot fix this in 1.4.0 at the moment and it needs changes from 1.5.0 to work correctly.
ale (manager)
11-Jan-12 10:37

just make sure that in 1.4 the file can't get corrupted if somebody does undo in this way...
Kunda (manager)
14-Jul-09 17:03

Hey guys, please re-upload the vector file for us to test with current version of Scribus.

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10-Dec-17 14:35 jiero New Issue
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11-Jan-11 16:38 plinnell Target Version => 1.4 milestone
11-Jan-11 21:18 plinnell Note Added: 0025347
11-Jan-11 21:18 plinnell Target Version 1.4 milestone => 1.6 milestone
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