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0010019ScribusImport / Exportpublic2011-06-05 23:01
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Summary0010019: Problem Importing more than 6 pages into one document
DescriptionWhen trying to import more than 6 pages into a document, the page gets imported, but it drops off the header image i created that i had previously inserted at the top of each page even though each individual header image has been saved under a different name? It also sometimes brings up an error saying that "there are not enough scan lines." I dont know what this means and how to avoid this problem from occurring?

How many pages is one able to import into one document? Is there a limit? Would it be possible to import a maximum of 30 pages into one document?
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duplicate of 0009491 closedjghali Scribus crashes when inserting pictures 
has duplicate 0010026 closedjghali Problem importing more than 6 pages sometimes 8 



2011-06-03 09:25


Wholesale stocklist 1.sla (330,575 bytes)


2011-06-05 08:49

manager   ~0026312

i don't think that there is a "hard" limit here...

but i must admit that i don't really understand your problem.

you may have to describe a step by step example and include the files you're using


2011-06-05 23:01

administrator   ~0026320

The "not enough scan lines" message is usually caused by out of memory error in a third party library, the one we use to read jpeg files. There are already logged issues related to handling of big images (0004189, 0009491, etc...). The only limit for page import is dependent on the memory installed on your computer.

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