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0010303ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-04-19 19:58
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Product Version1.4.0svn 
Summary0010303: keyboard modifiers to change settings in PP, as frame dimensions
DescriptionHaving a frame selected, the PP XYZ pane enables to change the dimensions either in typing numbers or using + and - little buttons.
Each click makes the dimension 1 full centimeter bigger or smaller.

Proposition : enabling the use of CTRL and SHIFT keyboard modifiers exactly in the same way as it goes so as to move a frame :
- SHIFT + click would change dimension by 1 mmm
- CTRL + SHIFT + click would change dimension by 1/10 of a mm
- CTRL + click would change dimension by 10 cm

This behavior could be ported to all PP controls having these little up & down buttons :
- font size, space betwen lines (now : 1 unit)
- column and margins (now : 1 unit)
- text / advanced functions (now : +- 1%)
- color opacity (now : +- 10%)

Additional InformationSizing a frame precisely with mouse moves require to zoom a lot so as to be precise. The proposed feature would easyen the precise sizing of frames in a way very similar to the moving of a frame. Having identical effects for these modifiers on all these UI controls would make it easy tp learn.


has duplicate 0010296 closedjghali arrows in Properties should work with shift, ctrl and ctrl+shift shortcuts too 
related to 0010503 new key short cuts for nudging frames don't match. 



2013-05-12 04:30

reporter   ~0030146

Not sure if this is the same issue but using the Control and Shift with Up/Down Arrow keys to change values in various fields worked fine in but is broken badly in 1.4.2. It seems to work to move an object around the page but none of the other property fields behave correctly.

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