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Product Version1.4.0 
Summary0010503: key short cuts for nudging frames don't match.
DescriptionMoving frames precisely can be carried out two different ways.

The move by 1/100th of a unit command can be invoked when working on the canvas by using: Control-Shift-arrow keys

The same 1/100th of a unit method is invoked from the Properties pallet using: Shift-Alt-mouse wheel

                   arrow keys mouse wheel
                   on canvas in properties pallet
Alt+Shift height/width adjust 1/100th unit
Control 10 unit 10 unit
Control+Alt =unused= 100 unit
Shift 1/10th unit 1/10th unit
Control+Shift 1/100th unit =unused=

I suggest that we change the bindings for the mouse wheel in the properties pallet so that Control+Shift invokes the 1/100th of a unit nudge operation. In general it would be beneficial for us to make these two lists match as much as it makes sense. AKA the 100 unit may be too 'dangerous' with an inch unit when working on canvas. One might accidentally press it without realizing and, if you did not realize what had happened, it would be about the same as having the frame deleted.


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see 0010303

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