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0010388ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2016-03-21 13:11
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PlatformNetbook PCOSLinux and windows XPOS Version11.04 XP, SP3
Summary0010388: support of netbook resolution 1024x576
Descriptionversion 1.4.0.rc6

I cannot even see the buttons at the bottom of certain dialog. I need to google image the dialog name and hope to get a picture of the dialog and use the hot keys to push the right button.

I got stuck in the "Style" dialog where apparently I need to push "ctrl+a" to apply changes when creating new style. But I ended up in a situation where pushing that button combo, made a style the parent of all others.

Not being able to remove the style from there, all characters in my documents were modified and I need to reload an lose a part of my work.

It's just very annoying to work with. A simple scroll bar would do wonders. Sorry for my hot temper.

Thank You


has duplicate 0009744 closedcbradney outsized preferences dialog on netbook 
related to 0013499 new cannot resize style manager (Scribus doesn't respect netbook resolution) 
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2011-11-18 10:47

manager   ~0027230

yep this is a problem!

but, depending on your OS / window manager there may be workarounds...

what are you using?


2011-11-20 02:58

reporter   ~0027239

Win XP, vista and Linux ubuntu (Gnome)

I was wondering if there was a tool in linux to "scroll the screen" but could not find one.


2011-11-21 12:28

manager   ~0027249

on gnome you can hold down the alt key and move a window without seeing the top bar...

on windows i think that you can do a similar thing by pressing alt+space bar, choosing "move window" (or similar") from the menu that pops up and then moving the window with the arrow keys


2016-03-21 12:59

updater   ~0039306

Workaround stated by ale in 0013499
as a workaround, you can press alt-a to apply the changes... and ESC to get out of the dialog.

or press the meta key plus the left mouse click to move around the window. 


2016-03-21 13:09

updater   ~0039307

Last edited: 2016-03-21 13:10

Craig, in 0009744:0025576 you wrote:
This has been fixed in 1.5.0.svn, and will not be looked at in the 1.4.x series.

Did you mean the height resolution issue is fixed in 1.5.x ?

If not should this resolution issue make it in to 1.6 ?

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