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0001041ScribusPrintingpublic2006-12-26 00:23
Reporterprokoudine Assigned Tofschmid  
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Fixed in Version1.3.4cvs 
Summary0001041: Support for art box, bleed box, crop box, media box and trim box
DescriptionPlease add support for art box, bleed box, crop box, media box and trim box
Additional InformationHere are definitions for all those types, extracted from

The art box defines the extent of the page’s meaningful content (including potential white space) as intended by the document creator. The default value is the page’s crop box.

The bleed box defines the bounds to which the contents of the page should be clipped when output in a production environment. The default value is the page’s crop box.

The crop box defines the region to which the contents of the page are to be clipped (or cropped) when displayed or printed. Unlike the other boxes, the crop box has no defined meaning in terms of physical page geometry or intended use—it merely suggests where the page should be clipped.

The media box defines the location and size of the physical medium on which the page is intended to be displayed or printed. For example, if the page size is 8.5 by 11 inches, this function returns the coordinate pairs (0,0) and (612,792).

The trim box defines the intended dimensions of the finished page after trimming. It may be smaller than the media box, to allow for production-related content such as printing instructions, cut marks, or color bars. The default value is the page’s crop box.
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related to 0002932 acknowledged Metabug: PDF Enhancements 
related to 0002705 closedplinnell Spot Color Seperations are not working 



2004-09-23 14:18

reporter   ~0002482

Automatic generation of crop marks would be good too.

See also reports 129 and 1144


2004-09-23 15:17

developer   ~0002483

See also RFE 194:


2004-09-23 15:45

reporter   ~0002484

Great feature. Can't wait so see it implemented.


2006-01-23 08:57

reporter   ~0008287

For PDF (or other format) export it should be an option to either use the media box or the trim box as page size. So you could use one source document for a screen presentation (cropped to final size) and printing (positioned on standard size paper and with cut marks).


2006-11-09 12:49

administrator   ~0013341

Have committed today the first steps to this.


2006-12-26 00:19

administrator   ~0014236

Franz, if this is fixed, please close. I dont know where to look for this.

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