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0010555ScribusShape Drawingpublic2016-03-25 17:43
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Platform32bit PCOSXPOS VersionSP3
Product Version1.4.0 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0010555: objects drawn to grid, exceed grid by linewidth.
when i create an object, for example, a circle, created in "snap to grid" mode, it exceeds the limits of the grid due to the line width. thus, when i select the object to move it, the selection box is around the exterior of the line width and not on the grid. so when i move these around (in snap to grid mode), make duplicates, etc the objects i have made are not lined up neither are they on the grid properly.

Additional Informationmaybe vaguely related to 0002190


related to 0002190 closedChelen snap to object edges 



2012-01-30 01:24

reporter   ~0027620

"they are not on the grid properly" i mean that when i move it, the program lines the outside of the select box with the grid.


2012-02-01 14:03

developer   ~0027638

If I understand this correctly, it probably relates to the way that line width is enlarged. For simplicity, if you imagine a line segment with no line width, you have an imaginary path from one point to the next. As you increase line width, let's say to 1 point, Scribus makes this centered on the line's position, so 0.5 pt is to one side, and 0.5 pt to the other.

So if the grid is aligned with the center of a 1 pt line, there is half the line to one side and half to the other.

I'm not sure there is an answer that "fixes" this issue without causing others -- for a frame, should a line entirely encroach on the area of the frame, or entirely be outside of it?

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