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0002190ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2016-03-25 17:43
Reportermgmax Assigned ToChelen  
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Product Version1.2CVS 
Fixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0002190: snap to object edges
DescriptionI would like a feature "snap to object edges", like "snap to grid" or "snap to guide"
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has duplicate 0008414 closedjghali add snap to nodes 
related to 0001173 acknowledged Magnetic Captions/Smart Captions 
related to 0010555 new objects drawn to grid, exceed grid by linewidth. 



2005-07-03 17:29

reporter   ~0005370

This makes sense. I've wondered the same myself. In addition to edges, a 'corner lock' system would be useful (eg snapping a line to a corner / midpoint of an object).


2012-01-30 00:48

reporter   ~0027618

i was thinking of making a new bug (i will actually) which is somewhat related to this.
text will be: objects for example, a circle, when created in "snap to grid" mode, exceeds the limits of the grid due to the line width. thus, when i select the object to move it the selection box is around the exterior of the line width and not on the grid. so when i move these around, make duplicates, etc, the objects i have made are not lined up neither are they on the grid properly.

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