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Summary0010649: [FEATURE REQUEST] saving PDF output settings and use it in Batch PDF Output Manager
DescriptionI have a case when in one publication I use few different settings for PDF generation for different pages. In simplest case I must generate some pages with Grayscale and some with Printer setting.
It would be very useful if I could save my settings in kind of "PDF output styles" for further usage.

If such "styles" will be implemented there should be available Batch PDF Output Manager, where I could select ranges/sets of pages and "PDF output style" for them. BPOM should have ability to save such jobs in files for further usage in the future.

Once such job will be saved, next time I only invoke BPOM, load saved job and click Run Job - rest will be done automaticaly.

For now week by week I must to select same pages manually and change PDF generation settings.

As advantage to that feature there can be prepared some predefinied jobs for specific output purposes (like specific order of pages for some impositions).
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related to 0002932 acknowledged Metabug: PDF Enhancements 


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