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0001898ScribusImport / Exportpublic2015-03-04 11:30
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Platformx86 LinuxOSFedora CoreOS Version3
Product Version1.3.1cvs 
Summary0001898: Support saving, loading, and verifying sets of PDF settings
DescriptionWe should be able to load and save sets of PDF settings, as well as sanity check them (eg PDF-X and Security options muturally exclusive).

This is probably best done in `struct PDFOptions' by turning it into a class.
Additional InformationThis should be useful for Tsoots' document importer/exporter and for scripting PDF export.
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2005-04-21 06:14

reporter   ~0004323

Class created, interface stubs exist. See scribus/pdfoptions.{cpp,h} . Currently they always return failure.

Pondering an XML file for options load/save and maybe supporting import of Distller .joboptions later.


2005-05-10 01:45

reporter   ~0004568

We can load and save the settings now. Currently done using QDom - I'm pondering moving to libxml2 to avoid the somewhat paranoid code needed for loading unvalidated XML, but though verbose it works fine now.

There's no UI on the load/save support yet. No verification yet either.

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