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0002094ScribusPrintingpublic2010-04-01 16:54
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Summary0002094: Provide UI for print / save-as-PS via libpdf & `pdf2ps' or `acroread -toPostScript'
DescriptionGiven that libpdf is considerably better supported than libps for some printing tasks, such as transparency, it may be worth offering users the option of printing entirely via libpdf and using an external tool to generate the PostScript. This is already possible (and we already recommend it was a workaround for libps transparency limitations), but giving it some UI would be immensely helpful.

It might even be possible to, in the medium term, depend entirely on gs (note: 8.51 supports transparency beautifully) or acroread for PostScript printing. It'd be one less thing to maintain, among other things.

Doing this might be an alternative to 0000876 for PostScript printing.
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related to 0000876 confirmed Implement a transparency flattener 
related to 0001899 assignedjghali Clean up pdfopts.cpp / tabpdfopts.cpp 
related to 0001898 acknowledged Support saving, loading, and verifying sets of PDF settings 
parent of 0000372 closed transparency printed wrong 



2005-06-14 09:14

reporter   ~0005024

If added, the availability of this feature should depend on runtime checks for acroread (>5.x) and/or gs (>= 8.1). If not available, it should provide an informative message to the user not just disable access to the feature.

I'll see if I can get around to writing this if I can shorten my scary assigned bug list a bit. It shouldn't be too bad. It'll depend on cleaning up the PDF export dialog and PDF options, but that needs doing anyway.

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