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0000372ScribusPrintingpublic2006-01-14 22:57
Reporterhhielscher Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version1.2 
Summary0000372: transparency printed wrong
DescriptionTransparency is not printed correctly when the built-in print functionality is used.
Steps To Reproduce1. create document with transparency
2. print to postscript file
3. watch pastscript file with ghostview / print postscript file

Result: Transparency is displayed wrong
Additional InformationWorkaround: export to PDF and print with acrobat reader. It's also possible to use `acroread -toPostScript' .
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has duplicate 0000373 closedcbradney transparency printed wrong 
has duplicate 0000374 closedcbradney transparency printed wrong 
child of 0000876 confirmed Implement a transparency flattener 
child of 0002094 acknowledged Provide UI for print / save-as-PS via libpdf & `pdf2ps' or `acroread -toPostScript' 


2004-03-28 20:53


logo.svg.bz2 (48,813 bytes)


2004-03-28 20:54

administrator   ~0000815

Added files from duplicate bugs 373 and 374, closed other bugs


2004-03-28 20:55

administrator   ~0000818

The workaround to export to PDF and print from Acrobat Reader is currently the only solution for that since Postscript doesn't support transparency in this way.


2004-03-28 20:57

administrator   ~0000819

hhielscher, as Franz has said this is a limitation of postscript, can we close this?


2004-03-28 21:05

reporter   ~0000820

Yes. Postscript does not support transparency, but Scribus should be able to print what is displayed on screen. Since there is a workaround, why not warn the user when he/she prints to postscript and mark this bug as resolved/later?

P.S. You may delete the other files (uncompressed logo.svg is 3.4 MB large), only logo.svg.bz2 is valid. I would have closed the dups myself, but you have been faster than me.


2004-03-29 15:37

viewer   ~0000832

I am changing this to a 1.2 feature request,as this ties in with discussions we have had wrt transparency and printing.

Note, also ghostview, gv and similar viewers are quite old and may not support all PS3/PDF-1.4 features. Personally, I do not even bother installing them any more.

Recommended: gsview 4.6 with libgs 7.07+,Xpdf 3.00+ or Acro Reader 5.0.8.


2004-07-18 22:45

administrator   ~0002004

Not a bug with Scribus. We will plan to implement a flattener post 1.2.


2005-06-14 07:07

reporter   ~0005021

I have to diagree here - inability to flatten transparency means that users cannot proof work that uses transparency with the built-in print functions. They get different results in PDF and PS, etc. IMO that's a bug, whether or not it stems from an underlying missing feature.

We're going to need, at some point, a transparency flattener or an easy way to print from libpdf via acroread / gs (acroread -toPostScript / pdf2ps).

Either that, or we should have a Big Fat Warning(TM) saying "your printout will be inaccurate" if transparency is detected (I know we have this via docchecker in 1.3, but something for 1.2.x would be best too). I'll see if I can put something like the latter together as an interim fix for 1.2.x if that's OK with you folks.


2005-12-27 22:34

viewer   ~0007835

Nothing will happen in 1.2.X, but already GDI+ on the Win32 build has solved this. 1.3.X does need a flattener and we might get it when Xpdf or poppler really supports transparency properly.

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