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0000876ScribusGeneralpublic2022-08-20 00:22
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PlatformAthlon XP 2600+ 1gb ramOSGentoo LinuxOS VersionUp to date
Product Version1.3 
Summary0000876: Implement a transparency flattener
DescriptionPostscript and low PDF versions and some pdf viewers dont support transparencies
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parent of 0000372 closed transparency printed wrong 
has duplicate 0006539 closedjghali enable flattening transparency option during PDF/X-3 export 
has duplicate 0005585 closedjghali Can't print boxes/shapes/polygons etc with reduced opacity 
has duplicate 0006713 closedjghali print preview doesn't display transparency in image as it should 
has duplicate 0008390 closedjghali Cannot blend layers 
has duplicate 0009158 closedjghali broken gradients and transparencies in alternative PDF viewers 
has duplicate 0010386 closedjghali Fillcolors pdf export seem to be broken 
has duplicate 0011065 closedjghali PNGs with transparency print incorrectly 
has duplicate 0012909 closedjghali Export of gradients with transparecy fails 
has duplicate 0014132 closedjghali Flattening transparencies in PDF/X-3 
related to 0000377 confirmed transparancy with feathering for text and objects 
related to 0002094 acknowledged Provide UI for print / save-as-PS via libpdf & `pdf2ps' or `acroread -toPostScript' 
related to 0015008 closedjghali Exported pdf doesn't show shadows or transparency from imported pdf 



2004-07-18 22:47

administrator   ~0002005

See bug 372 for related information


2005-02-20 12:09

viewer   ~0003773

per roadmap


2005-06-14 07:00

reporter   ~0005020

We need this for reliable printing, too.


2012-02-22 01:04

developer   ~0027729

As long as transparencies are not flattened for PDFX3, the preflight verifier could / should warn for each object having some transparency : "warning, transparency in object, printing will not be accurate."


2012-06-26 10:49

developer   ~0028305

yep, many people don't know about transparency and PDF flavour and even many graphic designer don't consider drop shadow or things like that as transparency? Having things made clearer on this subject would be good as well as implement a flattener.


2017-07-24 09:25

reporter   ~0044208

I was not aware of drop shadows not being flattened. Is resolution also an issue? When I sent a PDFX3 to a commercial printer, they rejected it with the following note from their designer, "The drop shadows are flagging as low resolution. The ad was built in Scribus, and I have no idea what that is. Normally when I encounter this problem, it’s an issue with flattening transparency and making sure that rasterization is high resolution."


2017-07-24 13:01

manager   ~0044209

@demurish, please open a ticket for this and attach the .sla and .pdf file (if possible; if you mark the ticket as private, only the devs can see it)

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