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0015008ScribusPDFpublic2017-10-05 09:32
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Summary0015008: Exported pdf doesn't show shadows or transparency from imported pdf
DescriptionPlease take a look @ screenshot. Imported and placed pdf is not mine and most probably contains shadow effects with transparency. Scribus displays it OK but export is messed (I export in pdf 1.3). I can send source pdf privately and of course help to track this, just guide me.
Link to full exported pdf:
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related to 0000876 confirmed Implement a transparency flattener 



2017-10-05 07:54


external_pdf_shadows_problem2.jpg (112,301 bytes)   
external_pdf_shadows_problem2.jpg (112,301 bytes)   


2017-10-05 08:05

reporter   ~0044475

Ok, when I export into pdf 1.3 transparencies are lost. But I usually export transparencies and they are flattened (to white?). Question here: can Scribus flatten shadows during export to lower pdf version?


2017-10-05 08:32

manager   ~0044477

no scribus cannot flatten...


2017-10-05 09:07

reporter   ~0044481

Oh I see. So PDF is imported and rasterized by GS. Then during export depending on PDF version it exports transparency or not. But take a look @ screen, red rectangle below map is visible, so only shadows are not exported with PDF 1.3 (they look fine in PDF 1.5). It seems like PDF 1.3 supports only full transparency mode.
Maybe it's possible to add preflight check for > 1.3 features?


2017-10-05 09:31

administrator   ~0044483

Preflight verifier already checks for PDF > 1.3 features if you select PDF 1.3 preflight profile.
Shadow effects use PDF transparency which came only with PDF 1.4 and hence require PDF >= 1.4.

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