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Summary0002460: Implement JDF (Job Definition Format)
DescriptionJDF seems to be the coming standard for job tickets. It may be patent encumbered in the US and countries with so-called FTAs with the US, but scribus should definitely offer the possibility to use the format somehow to be considered a "serious" application.
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2005-08-21 11:22

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adding to 1.3 roadmap


2006-01-02 15:15

reporter   ~0007895

In particular, Quark has added support for using JDF as a source of preflight information. It's something I've wondered about for a while, and ended up talking to some of the MS Publisher folks about too. It turns out they're not interested in in-app preflight (despite how much easer it'd make life for publishing shops that have to take .pub jobs from users who can't read a job spec to save their lives).

Anyway, that little rant aside, I think reading job specs from JDF and starting to preflight against them is going to be very important for professional print in future. If we can transparently handle the same job spec format as Quark ... :-)


2006-01-02 15:16

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2006-01-02 15:17

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MrB, any chance of tweaking Mantis's non-url-chars list so it doesn't terminate a URL on &, ?, or = anymore? argh!

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