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0010908ScribusGeneralpublic2016-01-23 16:45
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Summary0010908: Proposal for a unique import content command
DescriptionCurrently, we have 4 commands under file > import:
- get text
- append text
- get image
- get vector file

Depending on the type of current selected item one or two of them are active.

Personally, I'd prefer one single "Import content" which would have different behaviors depending on the current selection:
- If no item is selected, it's possible to import any number of items of any type supported by Scribus, which will be inserted one after the other in the same way as "Insert multiple images" works in Chelen's branch. For text, only default behaviors are automatically used depending on the extension of the file (eventually, the default behavior can be defined in the preferences). Vectors are imported as vectors and not included in image frames.
- If an image frame is selected, only one image file can be selected and is loaded into the current image frame
- If a text frame is selected, the import dialog with text filters is opened and only one text can be be selected and inserted or added into the current frame.

Does anybody see a regression in this type of behavior?
Are there other uses cases?
Any thoughts?
Could it work that way for you?
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2012-07-19 07:14

updater   ~0028513

Last edited: 2012-07-19 07:17

- when text frame is in edit mode then
 @ text is imported and inserted at cursor position
 @ graphics items are inserted at cursor position in embeded object (inline frame?)
- for vectors there should be 2 importers modes - "linked import" and "items import" (For example: user can select "PDF linked import" importer and select few PDF files - then in Scribus for each imported file one image frame will be created / if user select "PDF items import" then each file will be read, interpret and items will be created)


2013-07-12 17:41

developer   ~0030437

0011626 proposes a patch, without cezariece's proposed refinements

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