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0011637Contributor Builds[All Projects] Generalpublic2016-01-23 16:45
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Summary0011637: UnitLoader UI
DescriptionSome improvements for :

- Access to option : rather than in the "Files" menu, it should appear in the "Object" (along with duplicate and other tools dealing with all sorts of objects). It should be the first option in that menu.

- Name of option : rather than "Get file" il should be "Create from file(s)".

- Preference :

Since new feature manages all types of object (texts, images, svgs), the preferences should rather appear under the 2nd pane of "operator's tools", along with "rotate" and "duplicate" options, rather than in the "Image" pane of "Item tools".

This block of options should have a general label : "Create from file(s)" or "Object create from file(s)"

The input fiels should display the units used (mm, pt, etc), as other such input fields do (see dimensions input fields in the Preference > Item tools > Texts). They should also accept various units to be typed in, as do other such input fields enable/

Fix a bug in the preferences : here, when a new size is recorded with OK button, the recorded value goes wrong. Values get multilplied by 2.835 each time and keep growing each time until they reach 1000.

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