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0011037ScribusStylespublic2016-05-14 20:27
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Summary0011037: align (and distribute?) by the baseline
Descriptionit should be possible to align text frames by using the baseline of each first line.

eventually, also an alignment the last line could also be interesting.

or aligning the first or last line of the reference frame to closest baseline in the referenced frame.
Tagsalign and distribute, baseline


related to 0003865 closedjghali Lock first line to baseline grid. 
related to 0011038 closed snap to items also for the baseline 
related to 0003538 feedback "snap to..." options should be placed in guideline manager and in configuration 
related to 0002899 acknowledged snap to baseline grid 



2012-08-25 15:43

reporter   ~0028870

Vote from me. Very useful.


2014-07-24 03:39

updater   ~0032950

Was erroneously in the 'Build Systems' category. Changed to 'Styles' but not sure if that is correct either.

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