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0003538ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-05-14 20:18
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0003538: "snap to..." options should be placed in guideline manager and in configuration
Descriptionthere should be some improvements for snapping:
1. "snap to..." options should be placed in guideline manager and in configuration (guidelines panel for both - scribus and document - config) not in menu only
2. "snap to baseline grid" for objects would be great help in positioning. option should be also placed on panel in scribus/document configuration (see 0002899)


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2006-03-31 12:50

administrator   ~0009580

While I agree with # 2, I don't see much sense in # 1. The way it is now, you can quickly enable or disable snapping. If you need it faster, you can assign a keyboard shortcut. From my personal experience I can tell that while working on a document, it is often necessary to switch snapping on and off. So why add this to the preferences when it can be done much faster?


2006-04-03 07:25


i don't remember the last time, i was working without snapping to guides. my all apps that allow snapping are configured with default snapping on. it's my way of working (positioning with guidelines, measurements pallette, keyboard - to create precise layout), that's why i asked for it. now i have to remember to turn on snapping in scribus, and i'like to have possibility to configure scribus for my needs. adding options i asked for is not revolution, it's just config option (just few checkboxes in config window)


2006-04-04 20:01

reporter   ~0009631

baseline snap: requested in 0002899

config options for snap settings: I agree that interface options like this should be able to have a global default setting for new docs. Some people will usually want it on, others off. I think the same applies to the preserve-aspect-ratio button in properties (as I requested in bug 0003052). This will make scribus more convenient for everyone, and for different circumstances. :)


2006-04-29 20:01

developer   ~0010632

Reminder sent to: louisdesjardins, plinnell

since there already is a RFE for 2 (base line snapping), only number 1 has remained. What do you think of it?


2006-04-29 21:31

administrator   ~0010655

If users say they'd prefer it to have it this way, why not? Seems to make sense to me ... now.


2006-05-04 08:07


"1" is absolutely neccessary for me - as i answered christoph's note


2016-05-14 13:07

manager   ~0041028

Last edited: 2016-05-14 13:09

i'm not sure that # 1 is needed.

imo, scribus should enable by default the snapping to the guides (i think it's already the case; in the past it was for sure not the case) and, i don't really see a need for turning them off on a per document or per settings basis.

if i understand correctly the original poster, this is what he wants: being able to get the guides turned on for all his new documents...

i mean: if you don't want your things to snap to guides, don't created guides :-)


2016-05-14 15:37

developer   ~0041036

Last edited: 2016-05-14 18:30

Allowing what the original poster wants is ok to me. It’s only more convenient.

Guides (snapping or not) can be there for many reasons we don’t have to discuss.

I also like RFE # 2 "snap to baseline grid for objects". Snapping text is obvious, but surrounding objects, it’s just great!


2016-05-14 20:18

updater   ~0041052

Renamed ticket so it's more specific.
Also any responses concerning ref '2' (snap to baseline grid) should be made in 0002899

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