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0003052ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-05-14 20:16
Reportermkoren Assigned ToTsoots  
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Fixed in Version1.3.3cvs 
Summary0003052: desire persistence of UI settings
DescriptionIt would be really nice if general display settings (at least the toolbars selected to be displayed on the windows menu and the default state of the preserve-aspect-ratio toggle button in the properties panel) would be persistent, either for documents/elements (wasn't this the case in 1.2 for the button?) or as a global setting across shutdown and restart, or as a preferences option. The PDF tools toolbar, which takes up an extra line of toolbar height on my screen, used to stay off in 1.2.1.
Steps To ReproduceThe toggle button seems to be selected by default, and all toolbars on, upon restarting Scribus, regardless of their states the previous session or at a document's last save.
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2006-03-12 01:18

reporter   ~0009216

Thanks for fixing the toolbars. While it's obviously not a high-priority issue, I still think it would be useful eventually to also be able to remember or set a default state for the aspect ratio button. I have on more than one occasion adjusted the width of a text box and been confused to find that the height unexpectedly changed too. It can take a bit of thought to fix that when you have very carefully set sizes that aren't round figures.
Version 1.2.1 always had the button unselected every time you opened properties. Now the current state is remembered, but only for the current session. Maybe it could either be remembered across shutdown or be initially loaded from a global or document preference setting. I wonder if it would be useful to make this a per-frame property, like lock and lock size: lock aspect ratio? On the other hand, it might be desirable to be able to toggle it globally for performing similar operations on a bunch of frames at a time. Hmmm...


2006-04-19 17:51

developer   ~0010126

mkoren: if I get you right, you desire the "Keep the aspect ratio" button (Properties/XYZ tab) to remember its state (true/false) throughout Scribus shutdowns.

Tsoots: "won't fix" or "acknowlegded"?


2006-04-19 17:58

manager   ~0010127

I would say might be fixed. Would appreciate some more info on this tho. I'm currently working on the properties palette trying to make it more usable. So this would fit in that work quite well. Also is it only aspect ratio or something more. That's where I'd appreciate some more details and also thougths from others.


2006-04-22 03:33

reporter   ~0010291

Last edited: 2006-05-09 23:36

Yes, this button is still annoying since I almost always work with it off and forget it will be on again when I restart scribus. It would be nice to have either application-level preferences (see 0003554) or persistent memory for the state of any global setting like this. (There are some more of these buttons in the image tab, though I don't use that tab as often.)

However, sometimes I've been wishing lately that I could lock individual properties on a per-object basis, e.g., locking just the width and basepoint of a text frame if I've carefully positioned the top and width of it, but might need to expand it downwards to fit more text.

Could the current lock/lock size options for an object be replaced by more fine-grained settings to lock individual values on this tab? This could include locking x, y, width, height, or rotation as well as aspect ratio and basepoint*. There could be checkboxes next to each field to lock that coordinate for the object. Locked fields could not be changed in the PP, and the corresponding resize handles on the canvas would disappear.

The global lock button in properties for scaling an object proportionally could still be available, but would be be automatically selected and grayed out if the object-specific aspect ratio lock is enabled.

Does this make sense? I can provide a mockup if you want. It would be really cool, e.g., to be able to lock one endpoint and the length of a line so it could only be rotated on the canvas, to reduce the chance of accidentally modifying undesired attributes while editing others.
*By locking basepoint I mean fixing the position of a corner on the page so that resizing can only occur in the opposite directions.


2006-04-22 03:51

reporter   ~0010293

See also my comments in 0003642 about the consistency of using the flip buttons for general mirroring and the idea of moving mirror functionality to the top part of the tab. There could be a whole suite of general transformation tools here; see also my requests in 0003591, for instance.

Some of the comments in 0003592 may also be of interest for updating the properties palette if they haven't already been changed. :)

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