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0003554ScribusGeneralpublic2016-12-12 18:29
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Summary0003554: support all properties settings in application and document defaults
DescriptionAll the options for text properties, text frame margins, and other elements in the properties panel should be settable in application and document defaults (including setting a style to be applied as the default in a document and application-wide once external styles are supported). Right now many properties' defaults, like text margins and alignment, aren't changeable, and some, like text size, only have specific options available rather than complete control as is available in properties (and even styles for that matter). (E.g., what if you really want your default text size to be 8pt, or 8.5, for a given document?) It seems like it might be more intuitive and simple to just duplicate the properties tabs as the relevant interfaces in preferences.
Additional InformationThis is similar to the request for consistency between styles and properties in 0001279.
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related to 0003555 closed set default properties/styles by layer 
related to 0003711 closedfschmid text frames has default non-zero inset 
related to 0003708 feedback group-level inheritance of defaults and style definitions 



2006-04-04 21:09

reporter   ~0009632

If the properties tabs were just incorporated into the preferences panel with only things that really don't make sense, like maybe size and shape, grayed out or removed, it would automatically provide a place to customize the default state of gui elements in those tabs as well (cf. 0003052 and 0003538).

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