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0003360ScribusUser Interfacepublic2008-10-26 16:25
Reporterjo-hannes Assigned Tocbradney  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.3cvs 
Target Version1.3.5Fixed in Version1.3.5svn 
Summary0003360: guides cursor shows up even when guides are in background and objects are placed in front of guides
Descriptionwhen guides are in background then the cursor shouldnt change to guide move cursor when there is an object over the guide. because clicking does not move the guide as shown by the cursor but selects the object
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related to 0003538 feedback "snap to..." options should be placed in guideline manager and in configuration 
related to 0003367 closedfschmid draw guides: wrong cursor when removing the guide directly 
related to 0003594 closedsubik Guides: possible to create new guides when guides are disabled 



2006-04-17 21:14

developer   ~0010070

a screen shot?

2006-04-18 09:48



2006-04-18 09:48

developer   ~0010090

there you are. if you click where the cursor is, the object becomes selected and not the guide.


2006-04-18 11:58

developer   ~0010093

Would you agree it's ok if the guide cursor picks up the guide, no matter wether it is underneath or on top of the page?


2006-04-18 12:26

developer   ~0010095

dont know right now.
either the guide cursor must not be shown
or the guide is selected although it is in the background.

what do you think?


2006-04-18 14:24

developer   ~0010098

I am encline to think it is preferable to be able to be able to pick up the guide at any time and on any object unless you make the guides invisible (show/hide guides).

Now, if one is working with the guides underneath, I still think the same.

The idea behind this is we must make the work as easy and intuitive as possible. Guides are there to help. Sometimes we want to see them, sometimes we don't. And we want to be able to move them around at will, without thinking about the steps needed to pick them up.


2006-04-27 20:44

developer   ~0010550

Reminder sent to: cbradney

craig, what do you think, bug or no change required?


2006-04-27 20:51

administrator   ~0010551

I think its too early to tell. For me its ok as it is but they can get in the way. No need to rush to a conclusion, we have much more important work to sort out.

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