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0003721ScribusUsabilitypublic2006-05-09 20:17
Reportermkoren Assigned Tochristoph_s  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Platformx86OSDebian LinuxOS VersionStable/Testing
Product Version1.3.3.1 
Summary0003721: one guide always treated as if in a different place for snapping
DescriptionWhen I make automatic guides using the guides dialog, there always seems to be one horizontal guide near the top which snaps in the wrong place, even though the guide is shown correctly. See steps to reproduce.
Steps To ReproduceMake a new doc; make some guides using the automatic rows and columns tool in the guide manager. Turn snapping on.

Make some objects and try to snap to the horizontal guides near the top. The easiest way is to grab a height resize handle and drag it up and down over the guides. One of them (depends on how many you made) snaps in the wrong location, where no guide is shown.

I'm not sure if this ever occurs for vertical guides or if you make the guides manually.
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duplicate of 0003718 closedfschmid can't snap on "non-preferred" side 
related to 0003725 closedjghali wrong snapping when resizing objects off page 
related to 0003726 closedfschmid first corner of new frame doesn't snap to guides 
related to 0003538 feedback "snap to..." options should be placed in guideline manager and in configuration 
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related to 0002164 closedjghali Guides won't let go of snapped items 



2006-05-09 16:14

administrator   ~0011156

Can't confirm here. mkoren, can you upload an example file?

2006-05-09 16:28


wrong-guide.sla (44,908 bytes)


2006-05-09 16:30

reporter   ~0011160

I just made this, US letter, 20 auto rows and cols. The box is snapped for me on all sides; second guide from the top is the culprit here.


2006-05-09 16:42

administrator   ~0011161

I see. Odd. Subik, Tsoots?


2006-05-09 17:25

administrator   ~0011167

mkoren, the guide your objects snap to, is the upper page margin. Make page margins visible, and you'll see it. Looks like a mixed dupe of 3718 and 2164. Opinions?


2006-05-09 20:02

reporter   ~0011182

Ah, that makes much more sense. In that case I'd say it's a dupe of 3718. But since when are margins the same as manual guides? I'd say these should have their own snap setting, especially since they're always present. I don't necessarily want to snap to margins just because I want to snap to guides.


2006-05-09 20:07

administrator   ~0011183

This would be a separate bug. Closing this one as a dupe.

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