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0011050ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2012-12-03 11:43
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Summary0011050: [patch] BULLETS for paragraph styles
DescriptionAttached patch provide support for using bullets as paragraph style property.

Initial code for autonumbering paragraphs is included, but not finished.

But BULLETS seems to working with simply support of read them from ODT files.
So, please review code and commit it into trunk as it provides one of most missing features in Scribus.
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related to 0000102 closed Bullet list support 
related to 0002038 acknowledged extended paragraph styles 



2012-08-27 13:38

developer   ~0028874

It's a great feature to be able to benefit of bulleted paragraphs !


2012-08-28 06:21

administrator   ~0028876

Without having had a closer look at it (sorry), will this allow for selecting bullets as part of a style à la LibreOffice or InDesign?


2012-08-28 06:52

updater   ~0028877

Last edited: 2012-08-28 06:55

Yes, bullets are one of 'Paragraph Effects" you can set in paragraph style. Second is DropCap, third will be autonumeration.

'Bulleting' on the fly (like make DropCap by Properties Palette) will be add after initial commit of that feature.


2012-09-04 12:24

developer   ~0028901

tried and found some weakness at this state :
- especially with prefix and suffix which don't always apply. Plus changing them doesn't modify the "Apply" button state

now, wishes
- we should be able to define space after bullet or num with a tab
- i guess chebox is not the better choice : i would use radio box or a dropdown list and display only usable field for the choice
- have you any idea in having a setting for the space before and after the list which usually have more distance between other paragraphs ?

Going on to check


2012-09-05 16:54

manager   ~0028904

- it's a bit strange that the bullet only appears when the first character no the lines is typed. imo, it should appear when the line is created...
- if i leave an empty line in the list i get a strange a red square (bigger than the usual missing glyph square) instead of the bullet...
- in the list i would first put the endash, the dash and the bullet, and after that all the other fantasy style bullets (well, imo those three should be the only defaults in the list... the other choices should be made manually; if other bullets are common in other languages, they are also welcome in the defaults list!)


2012-09-21 13:52

updater   ~0028957

In new patch file (bullets2.patch) I fix some reported issues and noticed bugs.


2012-10-02 05:26

updater   ~0029007

I delete attached patches - new one will be complete solution for bullets and auto-numbering of paragraphs.


2012-10-13 19:24

administrator   ~0029043

Ok, let us know when its ready


2012-10-22 19:39

administrator   ~0029085



2012-12-03 11:43

updater   ~0029310

New report with new patch was uploaded.

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