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0002038ScribusStylespublic2012-12-06 08:24
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Summary0002038: extended paragraph styles
Descriptiontwo extensions I'd like to see:

* append/prepend character or item from scrapbook to the paragraph. Primarily I'd use that for bullet lists.
* two/three lines high letter/word at beginning of paragraph.
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related to 0011228 closedcezaryece [PATCH] bulleted and numbered lists 
related to 0011050 closedcezaryece [patch] BULLETS for paragraph styles 



2005-06-01 22:18

reporter   ~0004875

Re the first suggestion, might proper bullet list support not be a better way to go? Once we eventually have the new file format designed and in place, it'll be possible to look at doing things like that. Personally I'd be more comfortable with that than a styles hack that we'd then have to continue to support in later versions.

Regarding multi-line high letters, does the current drop cap feature not satisfy that? I'm not sure I understand the difference. I do agree that supporting a "drop word" would be very useful.


2012-12-05 16:57

developer   ~0029326

Cezaryece : could this support inline image frame ?


2012-12-06 06:28

developer   ~0029330

Hmmm... right now bullets does not support image frame.
Well - must go to ToDo list.


2012-12-06 08:24

manager   ~0029332

wouldn't a symbol / pattern be more interesting than an image frame?

you can always put an image in a symbol... but you can also set it as a vector...

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