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0011055ScribusGeneralpublic2012-10-25 06:46
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0011055: in the document settings we can set the identifier but not its type
Descriptionin the document settings we can set a value for the identifier, but there is no field for it's type (issn, isbn, doi, anything else...).

... i guess that we need a new field...
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2012-10-22 20:29

administrator   ~0029086

Its not required...


2012-10-25 06:46

manager   ~0029095

nobody said it's required for implementing the dublincore properties...

but, well, it's needed (or at least useful) when creating an epub...

<dc:identifier id="BookId" opf:scheme="ISBN">123456789X</dc:identifier>

and, generally speaking, saying what a number means, may be useful in other contexts, too.

it's not self contained in the epub plugin, so this change won't be part of my plugin. that's why it's added as a separated bug report.
and if nobody with better knowledge about the preferences works on this, i will submit a specific patch when and if i work on it.

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