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0008769ScribusImport / Exportpublic2020-06-27 10:51
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Summary0008769: Export to e-book formats
DescriptionThe market for desktop publishing is changing faces, nowadays anyone working with big or small publishers eventually will have to prepare their books to be read by a multitude of e-book reader devices and cellphones.

Scribus could place itself in a really good position among desktop publishing software by allowing it's users to export their works in proper e-book formats, '.EPUB', '.MOBI'.
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2010-02-04 13:57

reporter   ~0023193

As far as I know there are already tools which convert pdf to ebook.
Since scribus has a very good pdf export the focus should stay on developing the dtp functions of scribus.


2010-02-04 16:25

reporter   ~0023194

Last edited: 2010-02-04 16:26

Here I'd like to disagree: there are no safe conversions from PDF to e-book. Most of them tend up to mess the text or are based on complex workarounds (the best one being to export the PDF to HTML or XML and them converting them in the desired format). You can lose formatting, and the whole dtp work you spend on the document.
However, I agree that this is a minor feature compared with the extent of dtp functions Scribus lacks, and makes the program a not so good commercial alternative.


2010-02-04 18:37

administrator   ~0023196

Last edited: 2010-02-04 18:52

>> there are no safe conversions from PDF to e-book.

Yep, because PDF is a fixed layout format and format such as epub is reflowable. As Scribus is made for fixed layout document, i guess you would encounter much of the same problems when exporting to such formats.


2010-06-20 23:27

reporter   ~0024167

I acquire some knowledge about ePub creating. I think that some part of the process would be fully automated and well working. Other problems would be solvable by semi-automated process.

Would be useful to write article to wiki? I ask because if there is no chance to implement this feature, it is waste of time for me.

Personally I think that export to ePub is feature for future. I would appreciate it too. Mobil devices are increasing in number and e.g. magazine is necessary to create in PDF version for desktop and ePub for small devices.


2010-06-21 21:09

viewer   ~0024178

This could be made as a plugin, but it will not be in 1.4, but possibly 1.5.x


2010-06-21 22:04

reporter   ~0024182

I was talking about this feature with Petr Vanek today. I am going to submit some proposals with alomost entire process of ePub export. Maybe we will have some progress to this feature. I have already found some potential problems.


2010-12-21 02:10

reporter   ~0025172

I second the request to a epub export. Conversion tools don't work well and it's a contradiction not to have a native epub tool on free systems such as gnu/linux once epub is a free format


2011-08-15 04:49

reporter   ~0026717

I third the request... I will always use opensource as LONG as possible, but right now I have no Open Source options for E-book formatting. PDF exports have way too many problems and wont properly convert in calibri (open source e-book conversion software) which converts just every known e-book extension.


2011-08-15 06:25

reporter   ~0026718

Try Sigil -

I think Scribus could have ePUB support. But there are still some features which are needed to create before export will be technically possible.


2011-08-15 07:35

reporter   ~0026719

i just downloaded it... will give it a try


2012-12-03 12:56

reporter   ~0029312

Any update on ePub export functionality? This will become more and more popular a feature request as more and more people get ebook readers and consume ebooks (and therefore publishers/printers will want to make their books available for these readers). It would make the workflow competitive with Indesign. Thanks for your consideration.


2012-12-03 19:09

manager   ~0029315

Last edited: 2012-12-03 19:11

if you want to test it, there is an epub branch in our git repositories (
if you want to test it, don't know how to compile it, but you have ubuntu, i can create a PPA for you.

the plugin already works pretty well and i'm adding some more features and fixing some bugs.

it will for sure be integrated in the next stable version (1.6)

p.s.: my plugin does not make scribus an epub editor! it's an exporter that allows to create an ok epub and gives a good base to further edit your files in an epub editor like sigil.


2012-12-04 01:12

reporter   ~0029317

I've compiled using SVN, but not Git. The script I've used is listed at the bottom of this page: If you could let me know what to change in that script to pull from Git, I would be happy to test. Thank you!


2012-12-04 14:13

manager   ~0029319

Last edited: 2012-12-07 09:44

basically you should replace the svn checkout line by

clone git:// scribus.git
cd scribus.git/
git pull
git branch --track epub origin/epub
git checkout epub
git pull

the rest should be the same...

... and one of these days i'll try to compile scribus on mac myself... but i'm stuck at getting cmake to find freetype :-(

good luck!


2012-12-05 09:04

reporter   ~0029323

Ok, I think i've got it working, but where is the command to export to Epub?


2012-12-06 08:29

manager   ~0029334

file > export > save as epub


2012-12-06 10:30

reporter   ~0029335

I've tried to compile this twice. Both times it worked but I do not see the option on the menu. Are there any particular dependencies? I've got errors on Graphicsmagick not present and also Poppler.


2012-12-06 10:33

reporter   ~0029336

It may not be pulling your branch. I think the syntax above is not working:

sh-3.2# git pull
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
sh-3.2# git branch --track epub origin/epub
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
sh-3.2# git checkout epub
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git


2012-12-07 09:44

manager   ~0029337

hi jeff, would you mind coming to the irc channel to sort this out? (#scribus on

or mail me with the question... (ale.comp_06 (at)

the bug tracker is not the most comfortable place to help out with the compilation workflow...

however, you have to be in the directory created by "git clone" before you can issue "git pull". i've forgot it in the comment above and edited it now.


2014-07-14 22:11

updater   ~0032757

Work on this is happening at


2020-06-26 22:12

reporter   ~0047740

Using the epub plugin now is a bit complicated for a normal user, but the plugin seems to be in quite a good state. How about including it as standard in 1.5.6? Perhaps that would give it some more attention and testing too.


2020-06-27 10:51

manager   ~0047745

hi imerio, thanks for the kind words.

the plugin is based on an API that should first reviewed by the team.
this api should make it much easier to write code that does not need 100% performance (like creating a table of contents on demand or exporting to epub)

i asked many times for it, but until now i could not get jean to "sit down" with me, seriously discuss it, and decide which direction to take.

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