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0011115ScribusPrintingpublic2019-12-09 17:13
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Summary0011115: remove the option to print in landscape
Descriptionfrom the feedback we got from many people there are big problems in printing in landscape directly from scribus.

people seem to get very deceived when, after lot of hours of work, the can't print their work. and for many people it's not self evident that one should first create a pdf by using the built-in pdf creator (it's not rare to meet people that use the system PDF engine, which will have the same problem as directly printing).

i've asked the question in the mailing list: has anybody ever managed to print to landscape?
nobody could say that he managed it.

i suggest that the option to print to landscape should be removed (temporaly?) from scribus until at least on some setups it works!
it should be replaced by a short notice like:
"Portrait printing only. Landscape is only supported through "File > Export > to PDF""
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has duplicate 0015996 closedale Remove the useless printing command 



2012-10-18 09:55

administrator   ~0029049

As Craig already stated on ml, forget it. Also landscape printing works on Windows. So no reason to remove it.


2012-10-18 10:51

manager   ~0029050

jean, if you know that it works on windows, you could have answered on the mailling list.
you seem to have at least read craig's answer...

i would have been happy not to have to open this ticket.

but, please, fix it! it's really a deception for the people to work for hours and then to feel that they can't print their work.

some of the people come to our forums and learn how to overcome this bug. i guess that most just give up, lose their work, restart from scratch with another program and never touch scribus again. it has eaten their work.
i'm sure that you wouldn't behave differently!

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