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0015996ScribusPrintingpublic2019-12-09 17:13
ReporterRtomkins Assigned Toale  
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0015996: Remove the useless printing command
DescriptionI entered isssue 0015778 and was told by many people that rpinting is useless with Scribus so don't use it.

As printing is useless in Scribus I suggets that the Print Menu choice be completely removed from Scribus.
Steps To ReproduceSee issue 0015778
Additional InformationThe response given to me in issue 0015778 was moronic.
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duplicate of 0011115 closedjghali remove the option to print in landscape 
related to 0015987 assignedale [PATCH] settings: enable / disable optional features 



2019-12-09 07:42

manager   ~0047222

since you don't appreciate moronic replies, i suggest to simply close this ticket.

i've suggested in the past to remove the print dialog, but for various reasons this won't happen.

with 0015987 i'm trying to introduce an "optional" panel and the print menu is one of the candidate for the "optional" section.
the print command would be hidden by default but somebody that knows what she is doing, can then activate it.
no idea what are the chances of getting the "optional features" to be accepted and how likely it is that the print menu will be in there...
but for sure more likely than having the print command being removed.

ps.: print is not useless in scribus, but it's not scribus' target, either. scribus is made for producing pdfs. it's probably true that scribus can print every possible document, but it can be hard to to setup the system so that scribus can correctly print... personally, i've given up trying and won't help people to setup scribus for printing. and, yes, the topic comes up again and again and it hurts me that i have to tell all the people to just avoid printing. it would be so helpful if that "file > print" was not so prominent and would be replaced by "File > Produce Pdf..."


2019-12-09 08:12

manager   ~0047223

liefere nöd labere... 0015997


2019-12-09 17:03

reporter   ~0047231

You know what, I can handily do everything that Scribus can do and I can do it with Microsoft Word, and it works properly and I can produce PDF's too.


2019-12-09 17:11

manager   ~0047232

@Rtomkins if with word you can do everything you can do in scribus, then you don't need scribus and you're better served by word!

i'm not joking. some people think that scribus can do better than word (or think that scribus is better than some other random tool...). but that's imo not true at all.
there are jobs for word processors and jobs for desktop publishing. and things in between.

in your case it really looks like, that your task is better done with word. and that's probably the reason why you're not happy with the replies you're getting here.

good luck!

p.s.: and there are things that are for desktop publishing and scribus does badly... but that's a different topic.

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