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0011142ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2020-11-10 07:10
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Product Version1.4.1 
Summary0011142: Fit image to fill frame
DescriptionThe “scale to frame size” option for image frames, with the option “proportional” selected, fits and image into a frame in a way that the whole image fits into the frame. If the image and frame aspect ratio do not match, whitespace is added.

There are usecases when one wants to entirely fill an image frame, while keeping the image’s proportions. In this case, the image should be scaled up until all whitespace inside the frame is filled.

I suggest adding an option to scale the image until it fills the frame.

As a reference: This is covered by the meet/slice parameter to preserveAspectRatio in SVG: The current behavior corresponds to the “meet” value, while I suggest adding an option to match the “slice“ behavior.
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related to 0015560 assignedale [PATCH (needs review)] fill a frame with the image 
has duplicate 0015330 closedjghali Proportional filling of images in frames 



2012-10-31 07:40

manager   ~0029134

personally, i think i'd prefer a fast and standard way (no context menu nor PP) to resize any side (where it makes sense....) of a frame to its content.

it should apply to both text and image frames (and potentially to other types of frames) and it would do both enlarging and shrinking.

currently, there is a similar action in 1.5svn: by right clicking on the lower handle, the frame is enlarged down to lower margin.
it would be nice to have something similar (key shortcut or mouse magic) for fitting the frame the content.

peronally, i'd prefer not to have the frame to automatically resize after i've released the mouse button... it could lead to unwanted handle huntings...


2012-11-02 10:27

developer   ~0029142

if we want to add more and more option to images, i'm just wondering if having a tool for that wouldn't be better. Resizing images on screen would give more comfort that just use parameters

Vladimir Savic

2012-11-02 20:00

reporter   ~0029144

I agree. We actually have tool dedicated to that kind of editing, but it's a bit retarded. :) Edit frame content. Would be nice to have handles for resizing image in frame with all that is possible to do with frame itself - preserve aspect ratio with keyboard modifier, rotate, snapg to frame edges, etc.


2014-08-02 09:14

manager   ~0033141

... this should be in the PP...

if propose that the "proportional" checkbox is changed to a radio list:

(o) Automatic
    (o) Proportional
    (o) Fit in frame
    (o) Fill frame

If fit in frame is chosen one of both x or y scale are active.

(labels are just a draft...)

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