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0011181ScribusLanguage Toolspublic2019-09-09 13:27
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Summary0011181: [OBSOLETE] Impossible to switch the spellchecker language
DescriptionOnce the new spellchecking dialogue has been launched, it's impossible to change the checked language. The drop-down entry, as well as the actual dictionary always switches back to the default language.
Steps To Reproduce- Create new text frame.

- Insert text (e.g., sample text)

- Start the new spellchecker

- Select another language

- Click "Ignore once"

--> Language is reset to default


related to 0013545 new Check spelling doesn't work 



2012-11-21 21:26

administrator   ~0029240

I don't see an issue here. The spell checking is done before the GUI opens, and every word is tagged with the language that is set in the style applied to it. Therefore, you need to override it for each word, or, we need a way for the user to override it for more than just one word. However, if the user wants to override it for a whole paragraph or story, then they should go edit the style.


2012-11-22 05:53

administrator   ~0029247

The issue is that there's a drop-down list for the language selection. If it doesn't work and doesn't have to work, why does it exist at all?


2014-07-21 00:56

updater   ~0032856

I'm assuming this is a "won't fix' based on cbradney's reply.
It's not the most 'elegant' outcome especially if the user doesn't know about editing the style (as per 0011181:0029247).


2014-07-21 05:17

administrator   ~0032869

"I'm assuming this is a "won't fix' based on cbradney's reply."

No, it isn't. A UI offering a feature that doesn't work/is meaningless is a problem that requires fixing -- either make it work or remove it from the UI.


2017-05-29 17:25

reporter   ~0043957

The feature itself is working, but I agree, that in the spellchecker window it should have the option to "set the language for this text frame" as well as "set the language for the spell checker only", as I maybe want to check some words of a foreign language in a text, that is mostly written in my mother tongue.

In this case it would make no sense to change the paragraph style and I don't see a reason – there may are – to set the language for each word.

Besides that, when I open up the spellchecker, it is just the right time to remind me, I did not set the paragraph language (or not correct) and it would be convenient to have options to solve it right in this window.

It may also be an idea to have a seperate "language managing tool" which could be used for that purpose (easy see/change the languages of paragraphs in a glance) if the language support is a wild field – and it may be, due to functions as "short words" and "hyphenation", which for now stand a bit on their own.


2017-05-29 17:30

reporter   ~0043959

And, sorry for the double post (is there an edit option?) :

At least in German the drop down menu is called "Textsprache" (text language) and if it shows, which language the text is set to, that it should not be a dropdown, but a label that just informs me about this state.

The next thing would be a drop down menu, to change that on a wordly basis, but it should be separate and as well inform about this, as it is not obvious at all and you probably would not expect such a behaviour.


2017-06-19 11:15

manager   ~0044064

the spell checker should simply use the language defined for the text being spell checked.
(this is a new feature in 1.5.3)

the language selector in the spell checker, should simply be replaced by a static text that says which one is the current language (an help "Button" could lead to the documentation explaining how to set the language)


2019-09-09 13:27

manager   ~0046647

As far as I can tell, there is no language choice in the document settings anymore.
I suggest to close this ticket.

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