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0013545ScribusLanguage Toolspublic2016-12-09 21:57
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PlatformintelOSOS XOS VersionYosemite
Product Version1.4.5 
Target Version1.4.7 
Summary0013545: Check spelling doesn't work
DescriptionWhen I executed the program for the first time, I set Spanish language in Preferences and then I installed Spanish dictionary. So now I have installed both Spanish and English dictionaries. When I use the spell checker it doesn't recognise the Spanish words with the option 'Español' activated; but if I select 'English' it seems to work properly. I tried reinstalling the program, but it doesn't fix the issue.
Steps To Reproduce·Select text frame with Spanish text in it
·Objeto- Check Spelling


related to 0011181 new [OBSOLETE] Impossible to switch the spellchecker language 
related to 0014421 closed Check Spelling ... is broken for Arabic (Hunspell 1.5 is not search for by CMake) 



2015-11-20 10:25



2015-11-20 12:47

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Confirmed in 1.4.5
Not reproducible in 1.5.1svn r20560 (it's a bit more complex because of 0011181)
Do we want to fix this in 1.4.5 ?


2016-08-08 13:27

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Do you know something about this issue? Thank you!

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